Golden Designs is now the largest provider of FAR infrared saunas in North America

We are proud to have become the largest provider of FAR infrared saunas in North America. Since 2007 we have been providing saunas in North America that are dedicated to quality and the highest safety standards. Our efficient manufacturing processes allow us to deliver the best product possible and at a reasonable price.

The Golden Designs secret to success?

1. We use more wall material (wood) in our saunas.
The use of thicker wood planks and thicker inner frame make our saunas heat up faster, maintain a higher temperature and makes the sauna more energy efficient.

2. The temperature reading on our control panel is carefully calibrated to be accurate AND located to measure the temperature where it matters most – namely your position within the sauna.

3. Our family of saunas uses thicker glass, about 10 to 15% thicker to retain heat.

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