Apollo Pro II

FDF Apollo Pro II (2)

Commercial Grade Designed for Health Clubs use. The Apollo Pro II Indoor Rower is FDF’s entry level commercial Fluid Rower. From its visual appeal to the integrity of its construction, hand lacquered sustainable American Ash, it is integrated with the highest quality steel frame to ensure it can withstand the harshest of environments. FDF’s patented Variable Fluid Resistance innovation will…

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Viking 2 AR Rower


Home, Light Institutional use. The Viking 2 AR Indoor Rower is constructed from solid American Ash with metal fixtures and precision components to produce a rowing platform that will last a lifetime. The perfect integration of style and quality the Viking 2 AR Indoor rower gives riders the emulation of rowing on water – with the twin tank providing the…

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Viking 3 AR Rower


Home, Light Institutional use. Using first grade American Ash, hand finished and double lacquered for a lifetime of pleasure, we wrap the world’s best rowing function within a craftsman built framework. The Viking3 AR Indoor Rower is constructed around a central frame of pressure-formed laminate for unmatched strength and durability. This eye catching model is a favourite for people who…

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Viking PRO Rower


Commercial Grade Designed for Health Clubs use. The Viking Pro Indoor Rower’s handcrafted design is so impressive even the Vikings would be envious. Built for performance as much as style, the Viking Pro is driving new benchmarks in fitness product form and function. Built for commercial health clubs and high intensity environments the Viking Pro Indoor Rowing machine is an…

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E316 Evolution


Commercial Grade Designed for Health Clubs use. The E316 Fluid Rower is FDF’s champion indoor rower designed for the health club or commercial gym environment. The unique direct drive design of this fluid rower provides a close emulation to real on-water rowing, with the rider experiencing the sight, sound and feel of the water churning through the tank. Dual seat…

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E520 Evolution


Commercial Grade Designed for Health Clubs use. The E520 Fluid Rower is FDF’s champion indoor rower designed for the health club or commercial gym environment. The ergometer’s shorter length, higher seat and rugged performance make it the perfect model for inclusion in the fitness club or home gym. This E520 Fluid Rower offers unrivalled natural catch and resistance, featuring FDF’s…

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E620ST (4)

Fluid  Predator Supremely Versatile – Perfect for Every Facility Whether you are a veteran, athlete or somewhere in between, the Predator is designed to target strength, endurance, intensity, agility, stability, flexibility and balance. The Predator has been constructed for high intensity, powerful workouts. Commercial-grade and CrossFit ready, this standing UBE offers heavy duty performance that can withstand even the most…

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FDF 720 (4) 3-4 640-480

Fluid E720 Cycle XT Supremely Versatile – Perfect for Every Facility The Evolution E720 Cycle XT ergometer is loved by professional fitness trainers and medical professionals. The option for recumbent, seated or standing training allows for isolation of core muscle groups and is therefore ideal for both group classes and rehabilitation applications. If you are looking for total body conditioning…

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E820 Fitness UBE Designed for heavy duty service in a full commercial environment The Evolution E820 Fitness UBE is an outstanding upper body ergometer that offers versatility for standing or seated use. Suited to high use facilities, the E820 Fitness UBE is a popular choice for commercial gym and professional rehabilitation facilities. The E820 Fitness UBE has a fixed arm…

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E920 (7)WS

E920 Medical UBE The New, Unique and Technologically Advanced E-920 UBE The E920 Medical UBE is our flagship upper body ergometer. It’s versatile nature allows for multiple use types, including wheel chair access and standing access, making it popular with both athletes and rehabilitation professionals. The E920 Medical UBE crank arms are powered by FDF’s patented Variable Fluid Resistance, meaning…

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