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Aqua Marina M-Spa SPK-Champion


CHAMPION  BT-S300P ISUP – Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board – 9’9” Long / 6” Thick Inflatable Windsurf/SUP-All- Around Cruising/ Wave The 9’9” (300cm) Champion Windsurf iSUP is a stable, dependable and highly versatile iSUP for both windsurfing and stand up paddling. It is an ideal choice for those pursuing compact and easily transport wind and iSUP boards for the entire family to enjoy. The short and wide design favors first time windsurfers and SUP users desiring stability and ease of maneuverability. For stand-up paddling, the Champion is designed with a  lower rocker and added thickness for directional stability and long glides. This makes it an ideal board for fun flat water cruising and long board style windsurfing. The Champion Rig is designed to be very user friendly, light weight and easy to assemble. It’s super compact and ideal for transporting. This rig is everything you need to enjoy taking your iSUP board the next step forward into the world of wind driven water sport. Ideal for riders up to 253lbs/ 115kg KEY FEATURES

  • On Board Storage: Elastic bungee cords for cargo, Two fin boxes (middle and tail), AM universal insert for attaching windsurfing rig
  • Sail Rig Set: Dacron sail cloth with Monofilm Sail, 4-piece composite RDM mast, 3 piece adjustable clamp-on boom, Fixed base extension and 1-bolt base, Sail Bag
  • Durability: 6” (15cm) double –wall drop stitch PVC technology board
  • Rig Size: Sail 3.0m2, Luff 300cm, Boom 132cm, Mast 300cm
  • Product Dimension: 9’9” (117”) L x 30” W x 6” H / 300cm L x 75cm W x 15cm H
  • Weight: 23.6lbs (10.7kg)