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Solid very nice fit and finish easy assembly., great dry far infrared heat accurate controls., unbelievable value for the cost.

“Arrived in 4 days, 3 large cardboard boxes on a pallet. Well packaged: the front & back walls in one box; the sides in the 2nd, and the bottom and top in the 3rd. Took about 30 minutes to get everything laid out at the installation site (finished basement den). It literally snapped together in about another 30 minutes, using 2 persons. The 6 panels interlocked perfectly, indicating excellent dimensional control at the factory. The only slightly tricky part is attaching the door handle. You’ve got to loosen the 4 allen screws to pull the handle apart, then unscew the 2 contoured pin bolts that hold the handle to the glass door. The instructions are vague, but after you pull the handle apart it will be clear to you.
This is a very fine looking sauna and solidly built. I haven’t bothered screwing down the panels yet…It seems rock solid as it stands.
It heats up to 120 in about 15 minutes in a 65 deg room, and cycles with a 4 deg drop from the set temperature. The unit came with a spare temp sensor (just in case the one on the unit broke in shipping…it didn’t), so I have a spare in case I ever need to replace it.
Two average sized adults (5’10) can get a good sweat in this unit and it’s quite spacious for one. I considered the $999 unit but I’m glad I spent more for this one. A truly outstanding value!”
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