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“I read all the reviews on this site and others before purchasing and have done my research on saunas; Sunlighten being the brand I was leaning towards. The Dynamic was $1000.00 less expensive so we went for it and it comes from store with their great return guarantee that we have used with mattresses which gives us a feeling of financial safety. So far we haven’t been let down. We have been using our sauna for two weeks now. The color therapy light is not as fancy as Sunlighten’s, but it does give out a nice color and it’s not really one of my reasons for buying a sauna anyway; although it is fun to play with. The sauna went together easily, and my husband who is a contractor was impressed with the way it was built; so that it could be assembled by two people. The hemlock wood smells wonderful but it is a strong scent for the first couple of days. The temperature can be set to 140 degrees which is the same as the Sunlighten. Although I prefer the temp. no higher than 133, it is nice that it goes that high. I have friends who like their temp at 140. I’ve seen other brands that only top out at 120 and 130. The heater under the seat near your calves is rather weak as some of the review have stated, but the floor heater works well as do the ones surrounding the bench. I’ve used the Sunlighten Sauna for months now at a local spa and I can see only a few differences, none of which would make me want to spend $1000.00 more for a Sunlighten Sauna. The Dynamic Sauna gives me the same results, looks just as nice, but the Dynamic has the store return guarantee behind it, so I feel I cannot go wrong.”

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