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“My previous experience with rowing machines was limited to using the Concept 2 rowers at the YMCA. I liked rowing as an exercise and considered purchasing a Concept 2 for home use but didn’t because the machine had to be broken down into two pieces for storage. I felt that disassembly and reassembling would be an obstacle to my using it so it would probably end up sitting in a corner with little use. When I saw the Pacific Challenge rower on Costco’s website I liked the idea that it could be stored by simply standing it up. I researched rowing machines regarding the different types of resistance and found that water rowers were considered to most closely match actual rowing conditions. The reviews also mentioned that water rowers did not have the catch up lag which occurs with many air resistance rowers. I have found that to be true with the Pacific Challenge rower. I like the belt drive on this machine compared to the chain drive on the Concept 2 machine as it appears to be quieter and smoother. The machine appears to be well built and I’m certain that it will stand up to home use. My only concern so far is that the seat fits somewhat loosely on the rail and I’m somewhat concerned with the durability of the plastic seat rollers.” Pros: well built, quiet, smooth operation Cons: seat appears a little loose on rail

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