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After researching Infrared sauna’s for several weeks I ended up purchasing this item and I’m extremely satisfied so far, after about a month of ownership. The factors that drew me to this particular sauna were the reasonable price, the relatively low EMF output (there are sauna’s with lower EMF ratings, but they typically cost 2-3x as much, for a seemingly marginal reduction in the amount of EMF that they put out), and the fact that it uses Carbon panels. I was also considering a smaller 1 person sauna made by the same company, but ultimately went with the 2 person model and I’m glad that I did. Even though I’m normally the only person using the sauna, I like having a bit more room to spread out. I particularly enjoy having enough room to put my feet up on the bench, which I feel is a good way to maximize my body’s exposure to the infrared. The infrared panel in the floor and the panel in the front of the bench don’t seem to get as hot as the panels that surround the bench, so putting your feet up on the bench will surround you with those hotter panels on all but one side of your body (so it’s a good idea to alternate which direction you are facing when you’ve got your feet on the bench). Also, I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a backrest for this sauna (made by the same company). I don’t think it’d be nearly as comfortable without one. Speaking of comfort, I had an extra 3/4″ thick foam sleeping pad (for camping) laying around the house and I cut it down to size to fit on top of the sauna’s bench and that made it quite a bit more comfortable to sit on. Finally, one last tip: If you find that the sauna isn’t reaching the temperature that you set, make sure that the adjustable vent in the roof isn’t all the way open. It normally takes about 25-30 minutes for my sauna to reach 130 degrees. The sauna is located in my basement, which normally has an ambient temperature of about 70 degrees. In conclusion, this sauna makes me sweat more than I ever have in my life and I’m very impressed by it’s construction and functionality. Two sweaty thumbs up!

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