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Pros: beautiful craftsmanship of the wooden panels, ease of assembly, great customer service with golden designs, ambience of the led lighting (chromotherapy)
Cons: instructions could be more clear, missing a hex wrench ( i have extras)
Model Number: Vienna 2 Infared Sauna
I have read all the reviews prior to purchasing this sauna (Venice 2 infrared). Like everyone else has previously stated, they were very skeptical about purchasing this product with such a high rating percentage, but believe me there is certainly a reason why this product, Costco, and Golden Designs has received such good reviews.
I also purchased this product about a week ago. I received 2 confirmation contacts via email and phone in regards to my purchase. They delivered the sauna to my doorstep within the week. This was very impressive due to the fact that their estimated delivery was 2-3 weeks. Golden Designs went above and beyond with their customer service and delivery. The sauna comes pre-packaged nicely in 3 boxes so you will definitely need help in transporting these into the house because they are heavy.
My wife is a Naturopathic Physician and recommends these saunas to many of her patients so I thought I would surprise her by purchasing one of our own. The healing properties of this sauna are endless, just do your research and you will see for yourself.
The assembly was very simple, but I have to agree the instructions are not that clear. Even without the instructions, we had the sauna up and running in less than an hour. It is basically a box with the four sides, a bottom and a top. The sides are connected together by hinged latches on the back of the sauna. Just make sure everything is lined up correctly before attempting to latch the corners together.
Attn: To All the male customers, do not think you can put this thing together by yourself. The panels are too heavy and bulky, just ask a friend, it will be so much easier and faster. I am one to always DIY, but I also know my limitations and this will definitely will require an extra set of hands.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone. The craftsmanship of the sauna components are solid and the customer service is top notch. I cannot comment on the warranty because I just purchased this item, but I’m sure between Costco and Golden Designs, someone will take good care of you.
I would also recommend this model because it is large enough to accommodate 2 people, but not an eyesore. Also you do not need an electrician to modify your outlets, just plug and play.
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