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Pros: built like a “sherman” army tank
Cons: foot straps are only 1 inch wide.
“I have had my rower about six weeks now (purch.3/28/2013). And I love it! I made some mistakes however and here they are: 1. I used tap water which they say is ok but I didn’t add a chlorine tablet. The water turned brownish in no time. So if everything else fails read the instructions, dummy. Upon reading a little closer, this sentence “glared” out at me “Note: Where water quality is known to be poor, FDF recommends the use of distilled water! So I purchased about 4 gallons of distilled water & added the included chlorine tablet. 2. While researching rowers with a water tank, And one more hint, I ‘stole” from other reviews, is that I cover the tank with a dark cloth when not in use. This keeps the daylight from the water and the quality of the water lasts longer! I also made a small label as to when to change the water & taped it to the bar that goes over the water tank. And I was off “to the races!” My biggest irration, if your will, is the 1 inch shoe straps to hold your feet in place. On my previous rower my wife constructed foot straps for me that were 2 inches wide and held my feet/shoes much better. On his rower 1 inch size straps are about all you can use. I know I am nit-picking but for this amount of $$$, I like everything to be perfect.
Another hint that might help is that any kind of exercising is b-o-r-i-n-g. But if you get a DVD entitled “Power 10-The Rowing Machine Companion”, it gives you about 23 minutes of rowing out on the water, add the sound from this water rower and nothing could be finer!! The DVD shows you correct posture and breathing, And 9 sets of rowing repetitions. I have lost weight, gained more “punch” to my walking, and stengthened my stomach muscles! I am age 71 by the way.”
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