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Since 2007 we have specialized in well-being products for the whole family.

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Well let’s see …. I’ve tested this most of everyday since September 14th 2014. Delivery was great came in 4 boxes that u can carry in the house to put together. My 19 yr old son and me a female but this together in about 2.5 hours. I am very pleased with this. A 3 person seat is best for 2 average adults but it can fit 3 if you don’t mind rubbing arms if necessary. It looks beautiful and installed it in our guest room. The temperature, though it’s not save can get as high as 153 at times so it does heat up well. It feels great on my bad back and my arthritis. Lights change colors in the ceiling if you want it to. Has nice reading light and stereo works great. I have never had any glitches or issues yet and I have used the heck out of it already. Called customer service once with a question about plugging in my iPhone in the port inside the sauna for stereo and had great service and pleasant people to deal with. Do not have any cons this far! Love it!

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