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Since 2007 we have specialized in well-being products for the whole family.

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Address: 3550 Jurupa Street Building B Ontario, CA 91761

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“The delivery of our infrared sauna was great! No cracks or anything at time of drop off. The assembly of the sauna took me and my fiance less than two hours to put together. I just LOVE what it does to my skin afterwards – it gives me a rosy appearance because it increases blood flow (which is a health benefit) – my hands aren’t cold as they usually are because of the increased blood flow to my hands …. as well, i feel like i just ran 2 km! Its reduced my stress levels, given me a more healthier skin, even my senses are a little heightened; Ive even lost weight!! I remember sweating black sweat (which was probably tar) from a couple nights before when I was smoking; from then on I had no urge to smoke ….. cool!!!!! My body looks leaner, more muscular, and defined! They say each 30 min session you burn 600 calories. We’re in there for, at least, 45 min! We’ve had our sauna going at 55-58 degrees celcius before we jump in! Eventually, the sauna will heat up faster when its used often; the first inital periods it will take a little longer to heat up. I’ve had no door problems neither the infrared carbon heaters. Also, it doesnt consume a lot of power either! Though it doesnt need a dedicated outlet with nothing else plugged into it. Either than that I LOVE IT! I recommend it to anyone who’s curious to take their healthy lifestyle to the next level, to the person who wants to lose weight or take their weight loss management to the next level, to the person who wants to find relaxation and stress free from life. GET ONE NOW! They are the new “in” in spa therapy, and they will only attract more popularity!!! This thing will pay for itself in a year!!!”

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