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Since 2007 we have specialized in well-being products for the whole family.

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Phone: 1-909-212-5555
Address: 3550 Jurupa Street Building B Ontario, CA 91761

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We just got our sauna the other day. Note to self: if you order a sauna during mud season in the northeast and it comes in the 5-10 days as advertised, you have to figure out alternative delivery as the roads are weight posted. The shipper was very accommodating and I decided to pick it up from the warehouse about 30 minutes away rather than them holding it upwards of 4-5 weeks. next time i’ll order at a different time of year. It took us a little longer than an hour to set up, mostly as we were more interested in telling each other what to do rather than listening! Everyone has tried it out and we’re loving it! Thanks so much!   Sauna Purchased through Sauna and Stuff    

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