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Since 2007 we have specialized in well-being products for the whole family.

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“Had this sauna for a week now , we just love it , the whole family uses it, this is far better than the traditional saunas in gyms where you have rocks on top of an electric heater , where your inside nostrils would burn after a while from breathing through the nose. This uses the new technology of infrared carbon panels , they heat up in approximately 25 minutes to your desired temperature , you start sweating after approximately 8 minutes in , also burns 600 calories in one 30 minute session, this is amazing. The sauna has an MP3 or AUX input inside the sauna, this is great when you plug in an IPOD , hovever I plug a satellite radio to the AUX input by running the cable from the outside through the top vents to listen to SPA music which when you are in the sauna it gives you the tranquility feeling of being at a SPA treatment place right in your home. It is certainly a great addition to any household and provides many health benefits, should have bought one a long time ago , very proud to own one now.”

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