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Pros: quality construction, easy assembly, has usb interface built-in, has heart rate capability, compact for a rower, stores upright, smooth operation, fabulous value
Cons: blisters from handle (wear workout gloves), must buy additional equipment for hr function, wish it was made in the usa
“I did extensive research prior to purchasing a rower. My experience with rowing machines had been limited to what was available at various gyms over the years. I have used both magnetic/wind resitance types and water resistance types. I prefer a water resistance rower – no slack at all, just smooth motion throughout the entire stroke and I find the sound of the water swishing very motivating. You can still hear a TV or music while using this machine. The quality of the construction is excellent. It is a solid and durable piece of equipment. I’ve started with 10 litres of water and with the adjustable resistance knob am able to do interval training that has me working hard in no time. The seat is comfortable for me. Great computer with an on-line community you can row with (while connected to your PC). The computer is large and easy to see. Not the “prettiest” rower out there, but a great value (thanks, Costco!) and it isn’t 8′ long like many other machines. I would prefer a handle that wasn’t completely round, but more flat. Wear workout gloves to prevent blisters. The seat does move just a bit from side to side, which is expected with a mono-rail design and is similar to the feel of a boat. I couldn’t be happier. This is a fabulous, total body workout for anyone of any fitness level or age. It is completely up to you how hard you work. I love it and my elliptical will probably be gathering dust from now on.”
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