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Since 2007 we have specialized in well-being products for the whole family.

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I had been buying sessions at a local spa when I decided to look into purchasing one myself, so I copied all the info on the one at the spa and went looking to buy the same one. I figured since there are so many on the market why not buy the same brand you have used and liked so that’s what I did. Last week I ordered it on wayfair and with in a couple of days it was here!!! incredible. Then in less than one hour it was all but together and ready for use. I could not be happier, first of all I found the very best price on wayfair and service was great, I am one happy girl with a new sauna that I can now use daily…I checked a lot of different models and although it says for 2 people this is really made for one. I would not go with anything smaller you will not be able to stretch out and if you go the size bigger you will need extra electrical so this one is just right….

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