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Welcome to Golden Designs

Since 2007 we have specialized in well-being products for the whole family.

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Phone: 1-909-212-5555
Address: 3550 Jurupa Street Building B Ontario, CA 91761

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Pros: improved health
Cons: none
“Took care of the shoulder pain so no more cortisone injections! Mom’s back pain way better! Skin clearer! AND AWESOME SLEEP! less snoring, less tossing around at night but amazingly less pain throughout my body. Audio great and I use a mini ipod with my relaxing music so it’s a great de-stressor after work. I love this unit so much and I’m able to breathe easily in this larger until as apposed to the one person sauna I’ve had in the past. Don’t buy the one person sauna (spend the extra bucks for 2-3 person) The heat doesn’t envelope around to the front of my face so I can sit in this sauna for 30-40 minutes without it affecting my sinuses and making my head throb. Big difference b/w one vs 2-3 person sauna. JIHO. Buy this…you won’t regret.”
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