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We absolutely love this sauna. I will skip most of what has already been stated since we agree with all of it. My concern was that the sauna would over heat the room where it resides, a medium small study. Not the case at all. Takes a little time to heat up but I like the easy transition from room temperature to where I max out at about 123 degrees…Spouse takes it up to 140 for 45 minutes! The lighting was a complete and pleasant surprise. Good enough to read in there while listening to the above mp3 stereo speakers. The top arrived with some trim damage. Took a picture and sent it to Golden Designs and a new top was sent immediately, no questions asked. After about 4 times using the sauna, the control box apparently went POOF! and the sauna would not heat up. After talking with the tech person at Golden, suggested that I take the old control box out and replace it with the one that was in the original, damaged top. Well that didn’t take long and it worked perfectly again. In the meantime, Golden sent a new control box so, now we have a backup! (in case that were to ever fail again). So, all issues were resolved immediately and we could not be happier with this purchase.
+ Pros:
solid as a rock,
attractive in the study,
lighting is awesome,
customer service = outstanding!,
heats up quickly,
mp3 stereo speakers really make the experience!
not that we can find,
not a con: lighting cycles thru 10 lights slowly,
would be great if i could set to a single light,
for an extended period of time like orange!
Model Number:
Dynamic Venice II 2-Person FAR Infrared Sauna
I recommend this product.
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