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Bought instead of hot tub– happy with decision
DYN-6310-01 MADRID
Pros: great product look wise and functionally
Cons: assembly not as simple but not overtly complicated, power cord could be longer– at least 10 ft.
“Was conflicted between hot tub and sauna.
Finally bought this sauna.
Much cheaper and easier to maintain . Also cheaper to maintain. Use when needed. No need to run 24 hrs. No mess with water quality control.
Great product. Looks great . Good sweat. Color lights and MP 3 enhance enjoyment. But needs someone who is hands on with tool assembly or woodwork to put it up.  Thankfully read a reviewer’s recommendations regarding making sure 20 amp switch/outlet fitted higher – above 24 inches to avoid falling short of cable length and have difficulty plugging it.”

Laughingbuddha / Germantown TN