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After doing a lot of research ( > yr.)!
DYN-6210-01 VENICE

After doing a lot of research ( > yr.) of different brands, etc., we decided the infrared sauna being sold through Costco Online was the way to go – great price and great support (Golden Designs & Costco). The sauna was delivered in about 10 days. The delivery crew brought it right into our garage w/o question. It comes in several boxes so we unpackaged everything in the garage and carried the pieces upstairs to assemble them in a spare bedroom. As empty nesters, we’ve turned a bedroom into a spa room. The instructions were straight forward. It took the two of us about 3 hours, only because we took our time. I can see if you’re in a hurry – about 1-2 hours. We look forward to getting into it every night. Very enjoyable and relaxing!

TimL / Madison, WI