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My first sauna and I love it.
Madrid II DYN-6310-02
Pros: it is good quality and convenient to have.
Cons: 30 amp plug needs to be done by an electrician.
This sauna is surprisingly good, it heats up to 50 C. in 25 min. but max. temp I get is 64C. and it takes about 1h. but that is no problem I can wait, my wife is happy with 50C. I had no problem to assemble it, only I had to remove the glass door from the front panel, because it was too heavy to carry it from my garage to a small room in the basement. The 30 amps plug was installed by an electrician. Operating and setting time and temperature is easy it can be done from outside and inside and the different colours of the light and two speakers is fun to have.

Zibby / Mississauga, Ontario

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