Golden Designs Low or Near Zero EMF FAR Infrared saunas use radiant heat energy that is absorbed into the human body. The radiant heat energy promotes benefits that increase the benefits to the body unlike traditional saunas. Benefits attributed to radiant heat include deep tissue warmth relaxes sore muscles, reduces stiffness, and joint pain relief. In addition, the infrared radiant heat promotes weight loss, improving skin conditions and stimulates detoxification by allowing your body to remove toxins through perspiration. These benefits are obtained in a tranquil environment that does not hinder those with respiratory issues or physical limitations. With infrared saunas, the temperatures are lower and more tolerable than the traditional sauna, adding to the comfort and relaxation. Please consult with your medical care provider before using an infrared sauna.

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Dynamic Manhattan Massage Chair

Manhattan LC-7800S


I have used Osim massage chair for 10 years. Recently it broke down. My husband bought me Dynamic Massage chair. It is so good. It has Bluetooth that you can listen to your favorite music. It has arm and foot massage, from head to toe. After one day walking, I need something to soothe my foot. This is the right…

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S.L. / Walnut, CA

Great product, excellent quality!

GDI-6996-01 Monaco


After an easy assembly everything was in working order. Well made, very sturdy. Looks and works GREAT! Absolutely love this Sauna!

Delores / GREENE, ME

Away with pain



It is wonderful to get into and relax listen to my music. What a way to start the day. Everyone should start their day in a Sauna. With my all my aches and pains this takes care of them first thing in the morning .WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol / Bristol, TN

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