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Maxxus 2 Person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna - Canadian Red Cedar

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Maxxus Saunas are constructed of Canadian Reforested Red Cedar that emits a natural aroma to enhance your sauna experience. This sauna also features are newest Full Spectrum heating technology, floor heater, MP3 Aux and Bluetooth capability, privacy glass and Chromotherapy Lighting.

Maxxus Full Spectrum Saunas used infrared wave to penetrate into your body tissue and dissolve harmful substances accumulated in your body.  Infrared rays vitalize your cells and metabolism.  With Full Spectrum, you will receive health benefits at various levels of Infrared – NEAR, MID and FAR.  FAR Infrared penetrates the deepest into the tissue to break down toxins while NEAR generates the most heat to your body. FAR Infrared has the longest wavelength and penetrates the deepest in to the body tissue reaching the adipose tissue (fatty tissue) and activating the sweat glands.  The sweat glands are one of the only mechanisms that the body has to eliminate toxins.  MID Infrared penetrates the body tissue leading to increased blood flow and circulation and reduces muscle and joint pain.  NEAR Infrared has a lower micron level and penetrates the epidermis layer of the skin leading to improved cell health, renewal of skin, tissue growth, and inflammation reduction.  With the combination of NEAR, MID, and FAR – the experienced health benefits can range from lowered blood pressure and increased blood circulation to sweating out heavy metals and toxins from the body resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

Limited Quantity


  • 2 Person Capacity
  • Exterior dimensions (WDH): 50″ x 42″ x 75″ (roof overhang: add 5.9″)
  • Interior dimensions (WDH): 45″ x 37″ x 68″
  • Natural Canadian Red Cedar
  • Tempered glass door and 2 full length side windows
  • Interior color therapy lighting
  • Total 6 Heating Element: 4 Carbon PureTech™ Near Zero EMF Heat Emitters (Heating Panels) and 2 Near Infrared PureTech™ Heat Emitters
  • Roof vent
  • Interior/exterior LED control panels
  • Bluetooth, MP3 auxiliary connection with built in speakers
  • Electrical service: 110V/15amp plug & play
  • Clasp together assembly
  • Sauna weight: 250 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 320 lbs.
  • Ships in 2 boxes

Model: MX-M206-01-FS CED


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Amazon Customer
Cedar sauna

I love this sauna. Easy to set up.

Great In-Home Sauna

Purchased about 3 months ago (March 2023). I like it. The cedar smell great. It works well. I get a great sweat and feel good afterward. The unit gets very hot primarily because this full spectrum sauna includes two large Near Infrared panels which are pre-attached to the back wall panel. These Near Infrared panels light up (i.e., they emit visible light as shown in the photos) and get very hot. The FAR Infrared panels are located on either side of the bench with two FAR panels on the bench (vertical panel behind your legs) and on the floor (under your feet). The FAR panels do not light up and do not get as hot as the Near Infrared panels. I find the heat is a bit too intense to lean back against the walls. The sauna reaches a max temperature of 150 degrees (not 140). The directions say to pre-heat which takes about 35 minutes (to reach the max temperature of 150 degrees). The integrated thermostat allows the sauna panels to cycle on-and-off as the sauna reaches your desired temperature. This is sold as a two-person unit and yes, you can get two in there but, its really only comfortable for one person (in my opinion). There are two control panels for temperature setting, timing and lights on the inside and outside of the sauna. The glass door stays shut with a simple magnetic catch. I plug this into a regular 15-volt outlet (i.e., a regular wall plug) and have had almost no issues in over three months using the sauna it 2 to 4 times a week. The outlet fuse did trip once; I attribute this to my running the clothes dryer at the same time.
The unit comes extremely well packaged with some plywood and cardboard incorporated as packing/crating material. I have a two-car garage and unpackaged everything in the garage and carried the pieces upstairs to my home gym room. Youll definitely want another person to help put it together. It was relatively easy to snap the walls together since the wall panels incorporate a buckle system (see photo). I used a cordless drill to connect the seat panel but, you can just use a screw driver, Im sure. Theres no complicated electrical work. You plug the infrared panels into pre-wired male/female connectors under the seat and some that come down from the transformer box which is located on top of the sauna. It would be good to have a ladder handy to get on top. They have a dust cover for the top to place over the electrical transformer box (and some wires). The assembly instructions state that the dust cover is optional and that the electrical transformer box will last longer without the dust cover since there is less heat build-up without the dust cover.

Exactly as Described!

Very easy setup, took me more time to unpack the boxes than to assemble! Very well packed, two boxes shipped strapped to a skid. Works as described, takes about 30 minutes to warm up to 140 degrees.
Customer service is terrific, Replaced a damaged wall grate, received it in 3 days!
Highly recommend this unit. Update: We had a 2 inch sunbrella covered cushion made as the bench was uncomfortable for a 30 minute session.

Love this Red Cedar Sauna!

We love the sauna, feels great! it was easy to assemble

Amy S
Excellent Sauna!

This was super easy to set up. The most difficult part was putting the roof on. From beginning to end, it took my husband and I about an hour to have it up and running. Its made of high quality with Near and FAR infrared, chromotherapy, and Bluetooth. Im loving every minute of this sauna!!