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WARNING NOTICE: Counterfeit Products

Golden Designs Inc. (NA) (“GDINA”) has learned that products falsely claiming to be made by GDINA or with imitation GDINA branding are being marketed and sold in the United States and all over the world.
Counterfeit products do not meet GDINA’s quality standards and modified or counterfeit products could malfunction resulting in serious safety concerns.
Be advised that GDINA is not responsible for damages resulting from counterfeit sales or products. Products purchased outside of GDINA’s authorized channels are not warranted or supported in any way by GDINA.
Be aware that GDINA cannot investigate the authenticity of products purchased from sources other than authorized sales channels. In order to avoid purchasing counterfeit products, customers should purchase GDINA products directly from GDINA or through GDINA’s authorized distributors.
Please contact GDINA at sales@goldendesignsinc.com or 909-212-5555 with questions about purchasing from an authorized distributor.